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Online marketing is regarded as the top business tool for the 21st century businesses. Since a website is the only tool that links customers and sellers, there is dire need to design a quality site. With Google introducing tighter algorithms daily, every designer has to meet SEO requirements while still meeting the needs of visitors. Indeed, this calls for a simple web design. If you are looking for a great professional web designer in Adelaide, Searchraise is the perfect fit. Below are simplicity rules worth giving a second thought.

  1. Prioritize essential elements

Making some issues a priority, while others as options are essential in simplifying your design. It makes your website look alluring and sleek while website placementreducing visitors’ confusion in scrolling your site in the name of navigation. First, you need to identify things that seem more important than others. Once you identify them, focus on developing them more than they previously were. Such important elements include visual design.

  1. Apply 20-80 design rule

While 100% of your site is good, not every percentage is productive. As for the 20-80 rules, it means you identify 20% of your sites element whose productivity exceeds 80% of the remaining elements. For instance, such 20% might be your content or information visitors seek like testimonials. Once you are done in selecting the little productive elements, make them essential.

  1. Reduce the website pages to few

Some pages have fluff. This is unnecessary information that in considered bulky to your site. Have few pages which have necessary content while increasing the ease of navigation. Fewer pages translate that there are few clicks done, quick navigation so visitors have a chance of focusing more on content present.

Searchraise has perfected the art of the best SEO optimized web design in Adelaide to help your business scale to new heights!

Common mistakes web designers make

Some designers are stuck in the past. They still use the old ways of designing site that have been outdated or no longer blend with advanced technology. That’s why we recommend hiring a good local web design company.

Some of the great mistakes these designers do include the following:

  • Having the site in Flash – We acknowledge the benefits of using flash but some innovations have ditched flash in preference to HTML. An instance is mobile phones running on iOS. These phones do not support flash so some visitors won’t be able to access your site content.
  • While the world is going smartphone, there is need to design mobile-friendly sites. When designing, consider the ‘mobile first’ criteria. These criteria involve focusing on phones while designing, sourcing content, testing and launching of your site. Moreover, you should have a site that responds positively to screen sizes that are relatively small.
  • No reply portals or chat links – but some do not have a form to fill information during contact with the site administrator. Some sites have a reference link that takes you to Google maps or Yelp. To help visitors locate or know about you, have a contact form in your footer.

Web design best practices worth giving a try

  • Have a compelling and charming website layout – A compelling layout design is considered attractive to the eye of every visitor. It lets the visitors explore and take a tour on your site. You might use logos to do this.
  • Balance multimedia with graphics while blending different colors – Nothing is more frustrating like mismatched colors in a site. A good combination of colors ensures that interactive features stand out. Moreover, the placement of multimedia such as audios and videos has to be done with moderation to cater to every visitor.
  • Organize your content – To fully have your readers’ loyalty, have information posted that is organized from the first to last.

While you might have used the above information to conduct a site analysis that will help in your future designs, there is need to follow top trends in the design industry. One unique trend that is being used heavily in 2016 is animation. Funny as the look, they can perform excellently in your professional sites. Depending on the scale, a large scale use indicates that it is primarily used as an interactive tool. If used in small scale, it means that it does not involve any user input.

Benefits of having a quality web design

Listed below are top benefits customers enjoy from having their site designed by a professional.

  • Identification of brand
  • Increased visitors traffic
  • Being distinct and unique from competitors

Unlike doing home improvements, web design is not a do-it-yourself thing. Switch over to professional services who care and are committed to providing effective highest quality website designs.

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