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If you have been in the SEO game for any length of time, you will have no doubt heard the term, PBN or private blog network, being banded about. In this article I’ll explain what it is, and what it is not, and why they are used for SEO.

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The Clue Is In The Name

There are three components to the name and all help to explain a little about what it is, so let’s start there and break down each term. But I’ll do so out of order as that will make it easier to explain things.

1) Blog

Most people know what a blog is right? Well these days to be honest, the word blog is used very loosely and generally speaking it can mean any kind of website, but in this context of a PBN it is generally thought of as a website consisting of a few blog posts on some kind of topic.

So it’s a website that you own, upon which you publish content. That content will be used to link out to your money site(s).

2) Network

People will often refer to the term “a PBN” when talking about one particular website but that’s actually a bit misleading. We don’t just build out one single site, we build a whole network of them.

Why? Because we want to build many links to our money sites or perhaps we have many sites that we want to link to. Big SEO agencies that work with many clients will often have a very large network of powerful websites as their PBN.

3) Private

These websites that we build are kept private. What that means is that we try to ‘hide’ the site from our competitors, from other SEO agencies, from anyone who is casually investigating our sites.

It has to be visible to Google otherwise it may as well not exist, but all of the information pertaining to the site should be randomized and not linked in any way back to the money site(s) that it links to.

Some years ago, some people created some public blog networks. A couple of big ones were Build My Rank and Rank Hero. Both of these went down because Google was able to infiltrate the network, and penalised every website within it.

That is why we keep them private and that means not advertising them publicly on the web!

Why Do We Build Them?

One of the major ranking factors in Google is backlinks. By building out our own PBN we can create our own backlinks to our money sites. We can publish posts that are relevant and we can control the anchor text that is used in those posts. This gives us complete control over the links which allows us to more easily optimise the search results which is what SEO is all about.

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