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On-page SEO is an important but often overlooked part of ranking a website. Some consider on-page SEO to be just as or more important than off-page. A lot of people struggle with on-page SEO so if you have a business and want perfect search engine optimization hire a company that knows what they are doing. So what makes for perfect on-page SEO? In this article we will look at different techniques you can use to boost your rankings with on-page tactics.

First of all let’s look at your keyword. If you are trying to rank for “you city” SEO you need to have that keyword in the article and in the heading. It’s is also recommended to have the keyword in the meta description of an image also.

PRO TIP#1 – Optimize but not too much

DO NOT OVER OPTIMIZE! The good old days of keyword stuffing is long gone. Google is now very sophisticated and can tell when your keyword stuffing to rank for a specific keyword. Try to write naturally and then take a look at where you keywords are and how many you have added. Ideally, you should have the keyword in the title. Once in the first paragraph and once or twice more in the rest of the article. The amount of times the keyword should appear also depends on the size of the article. We usually like about 2% density for keywords. Do not use the keyword more than 5%.

Pro Tip #2 Check you keyword density

Let’s say you have used your keyword “your city” SEO around 2%, that’s great! Now you need to check how many times you have used the terms “your city” and “SEO” in the article. A simple way to check these keyword densities is to hold ‘control’ and push the ‘f’ key. A box will appear with a ‘find’ section. Then you can put that keyword into the box and you will see how many times you have put those individual keywords throughout the article. We usually aim for around 15 times. Do not use the same words more than 20 times in an article.

Pro Tip #3 – Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are words that are similar to you main keyword. You can bring in a lot more traffic and rank for multiple keywords using this strategy. For example if you are targeting “your city” SEO you should include the following LSI words:

  • Top SEO company google logo
  • SEO firm
  • Online marketing
  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • SEO service
  • Internet marketing company

This will let Google know you are in that niche and you can rank for more than your target keyword.

Pro Tip #4 – Great Content

There are a lot of factors Google looks at to rank your site. One major one is great content. How do they know how good your content is? There are several ways. The first is bounce rate. If people are going to your site and clicking out straight away this increases your bounce rate. Google will see that and probably drop your ranking a bit as people leave your site quickly.

Another way Google can see how good your content is by the length of it. If you have only a couple of hundred words with not much for the visitor your site won’t rank as well. Try to aim for over 1,000 words on every article.

If you use the information in this article you will instantly see great benefits for you SEO and get more visitor to your site.

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