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How To Edit Pages With The Divi Builder

Step 1: Click ‘Use the Divi Builder

Step 2: Click ‘Insert Columns’

Step 3: Choose Column Width

Step 4: Click on ‘Insert Module’

Step 5: Click on ‘Text’

Step 6: Make sure ‘visual’ is clicked. ‘Text’ means you will be editing in html code

Step 7: Paste content into notepad. This is remove any formatting from Word.

Step 8: Cut the heading of the article (‘Control X’), save and exit.

Step 9: Open ‘Fullwidth Section’

Step 10: Click ‘Add from library’

Step 11: Click ‘New Header’ don’t click the green new header.

Step 12: Delete Headings

Step 13: Paste Heading then click ‘save and exit’

Step 14: Click and drag ‘Fullwidth Section’ above ‘Standard Section’.

Step 14: Click ‘Preview’ and make sure it looks ok.

Step 15: Click on the 3 lines to open the ‘text’ block.

Step 16: Highlight the heading and make it an H2 title. The title we added earlier ‘Fiverr Review: Is it Worth it for Outsourcing?’ is set as our H1 title. The page headings should be set as:

  • H1 Page title
  • H2 Main title
    • H3 Sub title under H2
      • H4 Sub title under H3

You can have 5-10 H2 titles per page.

Step 17: Now we need to insert images! Go to and find relevant images to insert into the article.

Go to ‘backgrounds’ and type in the keyword for the image you are searching for. Once you find one, instead of downloading it use the snipping tool to screenshot the image. This way the file size will be smaller. The run the image through to further reduce the size.

Step 18: Click on the page where you want the image to be uploaded. Then click ‘add media’.

Step 19: You will need to add ‘alt text’. This can be the same as the image title. Just write a couple of words which describes the image. Using relevant keywords and the main keyword is great but don’t use the main keyword over and over.

Use this code to make a cool text box.

<p style=”padding: 10px; color: grey; background-color: white; border: 2px solid black; text-align: center;”><span style=”color: #008000; font-size: 20pt;”>Use this code to make a cool text box..</span></p>

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